Meet the founders


Daniel's passion is cooking and being out in the nature. Questioning the status quo of accepted manners and patterns is part of his DNA. This leads sometimes to crazy situations like running a marathon without any preparation at all.  Together with Oliver he is dealing with supplier management and creating the designs of socks together with the selected artists.


Clemens is a guy with a hands-on attitude. He loves fitness and has a passion for travelling, food and hanging out with friends. Furthermore he is highly interested in technology and any new disruptive trends, which leads to the responsibility for the online strategy of Madame Socke.


Spending the weekends out in nature or alternatively in a night club is what Viktor loves to do. Besides hiking, he is a great lover of music and likes DJing, especially when wearing Madame Socke´s finest – as they are perfectly designed for crazy weekend activities.

He is planning the marketing campaigns and takes care of the social media grind.


Gaurang is responsible for finance along with Viktor and takes care of the operations so that everything runs smoothly. He spends his free time on cooking, salsa and board games. He brings the Indian finesse about materials to Madame Socke.


Oliver is a student who loves to explore new countries and to spend time with his friends. He is passioned about football and visited more than 400 football matches in his life. Together with Daniel, he is reaching out to design schools and is always looking for new partners for manufacturing. His favorite design so far is the monkey, which he believes to be a real gangster.


Meixu is a girl who loves traveling and writes travel blogs to record all happy movements with friends. To be authentic and consistent is her life goal. She is responsible for suppliers and already became a sock specialist. If you are wearing socks from Madame Socke, she will be your free consultant to answer all your curious questions about your unique and crazy socks.